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I am available for consulting in electronics, software and general engineering issues, such as:
  • Initial analysis of a product concept's viability
  • FCC and TUV compliance and test facilitation
  • UL / IEC / VDE testing facilitation
  • Analysis and verification of others' designs
  • Reverse engineering

 DAVIDE  Box 80306-4825 USA / 1-303-413-1500
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I work closely with fellow consultants, such as:
Clear Blue Engineering
This is a very capable group of electronics consultants that also offer manufacturing services. Very recommended!
They call me whenever they need extra help with test fixtures and PIC firmware development.
Tom Bezdek Very thorough developer.
I have done PIC code development for Tom. We hire each other to do sanity checks on our designs.
Jim Kaehler Designer and small-run manufacturer.
We refer clients to each other when we feel the other is better suited for a job.
Mark Beran Mechanical designer behind the Dorma ED-800. Now a bee-keeper!.
General electronics consultant.
Linda Knudsen Superior mechanical designer. Now in France.
She helps me with mechanics, I help her with electronics.
 DAVIDE  Box 80306-4825 USA / 1-303-413-1500
Sh. 2 of 2
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