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There are 2 ways of developing websites: with authoring tools, and by hand. Authoring tools allow faster development, while handcrafing allows better control of the result.
While I use both, I prefer handcrafting. I like how much lighter (faster loading) the resulting pages are.
Then I use validation tools to ensure the pages are HTML compliant.
While I do include scripts in some pages (JavaScript) I make sure that the pages degrade gracefully if JavaScript is not available.
I also am able to write complex scripts (Python), including database driven, to achieve the desired functionality.
These are some of the sites I worked on:
  • KGNU - Extensive site, complex scripting: databases, pages auto-generated, submissions
  • CauseWay - complete design, very clean, yet good impact
  • Freewave - site maintenance and expansion
  • CarShare - complete design, automation, forum
  • Tuscan Pledges - professional site
  • Merry Maidens - very fast turnaround: 2 hours
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